Sunday, January 31, 2010

Landmark Quiz Pune 2010 - Report

Date: 30 Jan, 2010
Venue: Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune
Conducted by: Dr. Navin Jayakumar
Turnout: ~280 teams

1st: Travelling Pillsburies (Rajiv Rai, Sumant Srivathsan, Vibhendu Tiwari) 62 pts
2nd: QED (Samanth Subramanian, G. Swaminathan, Ramana) 58 pts
3rd: 3 Paajis in a Shaniwar Wada Pav (Meghashyam Shirodkar, Amit Garde, Anand Sivashankar) 50 pts
4th: Inglorious Kaminey (Rajen Prabhu, Gopal Kidao, Ravi Mundoli) 40 pts
5th: 3 Mistakes of our parents' lives (Pradeep Ramarathnam, Vikram Joshi, Mukund) 33 pts
6th: No Enthu Da (Aadisht Khanna, Aishwarya, Aswath) 25 pts
7th: Grouchy Marxists (Deviprasad Viswanathan, TK Balaji, Vikram Rajan) 19 pts
8th: GDS System of Measurement (Govind Grewal, Dhananjay Shettigar, Sauvik) 15 pts

Best Corporate Team: ZS Associates
Best College Team: SCMHRD
Best School Teams: 1st: Army Public School; 2nd: Abhinava Vidyalaya

40 Question Prelims
Cutoff was 26 with some stars
Finals - Two rounds of IR - 15 each. 10 points for each question.
9 Questions on the buzzer which revealed part of a larger image(the theme) on screen. Points ranged from +20 to +4 for cracking the theme.
One more buzzer round at the end.

Please leave opinions, corrections and names that have been missed out in the comments


Anonymous said...

Inglorious Kaminey- Rajen Prabhu,Gopal Kidao,Ravi Mundoli

Inglorious Kamiinaa! said...

Grouchy Marxists = Deviprasad Viswanathan, TK Balaji, Vikram Rajan
Inglorious Kaminey = 40 points

Salil said...

Thanks Anonymous & Inglorious Kamiinaa

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Whatever happened to your Blog's detailed report / comment on the Quiz Pattern,Content etc. This is a plain vanilla type of report as exciting as a Govt Gazette !!


Salil said...


Sorry for not putting up a detailed report, none of us wrote down the format or noted any questions. If someone did, they could put up a comment here. Will be happy to put it on the post.

Anonymous said...

@Amit - You might want to read this

40 Question Prelims
Cutoff was 26 with n stars (can someone please confirm n)
Finals - Two rounds of IR - 15 each. 10 points for each question.
9 Questions on the buzzer which revealed part of a larger image(the theme) on screen. Points ranged from +20 to +4 for cracking the theme.
One more buzzer round at the end.

Yash Sinha said...

I have a semi-detailed version of the elims ... will prepare a better version and post it here soon

Yash Sinha said...

Elims questions and answers -

1.Zenith Watch gifted to Gandhi which was found after many years. Held special importance to him. Who was it gifted by?
Indira Gandhi

2.Which substance exists in all 3 states?

3.Most important ingredient of Getafix’s potions?

4.Phrase used by Jyoti Basu to describe decision not to make him PM?
Historic Blunder

5.What is the Fifth pillar of Islam?

6.First lines from a book
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

7.Which phrase comes from beheading of criminals?
Capital Punishment

8.Which is the largest desert in the world in terms of least rainfall received?

9.Who is the newest judge on American Idol?
Ellen Degeneres

10.First film starring Amitabh Bacchan and Abhishek Bacchan?
Bunty aur Babli

11.Question involving Suvastu river flowing through a region and pictures of the same
Swat valley

12.Which British custom is said to have originated from Catherine of Braganza’s marriage?
Tea drinking

13.Question on extinct animal that may be reintroduced with help from Iran govt.
Asiatic Cheetah

14.US code language used during WWII?

15.Besides Michael Jackson, who else have won maximum no of Grammy’s in a single awards show? Norah Jones, Santana

16.No. 1 English newspaper in terms of web hits?
Times of India

17.Series of books (Carry On, Inimitable etc.) with blank and complete the series.
Jeeves Series, Right Ho Jeeves

18.Name of Shivaji council of ministers?

19.What was unique about Sada-e-Sarhad and some more details regarding the same.
Delhi Lahore Bus

20.Visual connect.
Spider Lily inspired structure of Burj Khalifa

21.Description of Logo of Copenhagen Summit

22.What does Eco in Economics or Ecology stand for?

23.Bird symbolizing marital harmony?
Sarus Crane

24.What is the time after the starter shot in a race is fired?

25.Question on origin of emoticons: meaning of -) Symbol
Tongue in cheek

26.3rd person interred in Humayun Tomb
Dara Shikoh

27.Famous characters of Chandamama
Vikram & Vetal

28.Question on Metabolic chemical change in cells
Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle)

29.287,325,334,336,365 ____. Complete the series
400 Highest unbeaten test score

30.Largest and smallest cells in a single human?
Sperm and Ovum

31.Picture and names of 4 brothers. Identify.
Warner Brothers

32.Image depicting what - Parsuram creating Kerela

33.Identify logo - Miss World logo

34.Location and significance of statue’s of horses pulling in opposite directions.
Levi's logo and Magdeburg

35.Identify singer - Leona Lewis

36.Scene from movie and famous background music. Identify movie and composer - Love Story, Francis Lai

37.Identify movie whose song was played - Couple's Retreat

38.Scene from movie. Identify the CG-ed actor - Lawrence Olivier (Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow)

39.Marathi films as India’s official Oscar entry?
Harishchandrachi Factory, Shwas

40.Video from Gandhi(?) showing which structure?
Aga Khan Palace