Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quiz-O-Mania 2010 - Report

Date: 30 Jan, 2010
Venue: Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
Conducted by: Salil Bijur
Turnout: ~75 teams

Format : 32 questions written elims followed by 42 questions on seamless IR.

Joint 1st: Suraj Menon and Yash Marathe : 80 pts
Joint 1st: Priyambad Pattanayak and Krishnamurti Ganesh : 80 pts
Joint 3rd: Annanya Deb and Suresh Ramasubramanian : 60 pts
Joint 3rd: Meghashyam Shirodkar and Anand Sivashankar: 60 pts
5th: Pradeep Ramarathnam and Vikram Joshi: 40 pts
6th : Srinath and Roshith: 20 pts

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Aniket said...

Good quiz. Some questions were memorable - like the one about tallest peaks in each continent. I liked the fact that there were only 42 questions with no gimmicks. It gave teams enough time to think for each question. Also a lot of good local questions.

Salil said...

Thanks Aniket. I think there was only one local question which was guessable for outsiders too. However there were a few Marathi-based questions. There were no gimmicks because I fell short of time thinking of a theme and variations in round. Also, I had to wrap up before people were frustrated to leave for Landmark! So we kept it short in number of questions, but normal in terms of total duration.