Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BC Cup 2010 Report

This year’s edition saw one major change in terms of format of the quiz : The quiz was entirely individual this time, even in the later stages.

First, an elim determines the seeds and the 8 qualifiers. The qualifiers then face off one-on one according to seeds. Every match consists of a home leg and an away leg. Homeleg is basically direct questions. If one gets a direct question wrong wich the opponent answers, it counts as an away goal and is used for tie breakers (as per UEFA rules)

Group stages
The quiz started with a 20 question reasonably simple elim. The top 8 scorers qualified for the knockout stages. The elims were a lot closer than last year and also a bit more high scoring with the cut off at 7.5 /20. The seeds were as follows:

1.Bikash Mahapatra 2. Srinath Satyanaryanan 3. J Ramanand 4. Suraj Menon 5. Annanya Deb 6. Omkar Nene 7. Sameer Deshpande 8. Suvojit Chakraborty

The Quarter Finals:

Bikash v Suvojit ,
Bikash started very well taking a quick lead. The score was at 3-1 with 2 questions to go and Suvojit pulled off a great comeback to get both to tie 3-3. In the sudden death tie-breaker Bikash correctly identified a tearful Australian captain while Suvojit misplaced him by about 20 years.
Final score: 3-3, Away goals 1-1 Bikash Wins on Tiebreaker

Srinath v Sameer
Srinath continued his sublime form from the elims and took this match quite comfortably. He lost the away leg 2-1 but made up with a 3-1 home win to take the match on aggregate.
Final Score:5 -3 Srinath wins on aggregate

Ramanand v Omkar Nene
Ramanand won this one quite comfortably with good performances in both legs
Final Score: 5-2 Ramanand wins on aggregate

Suraj v Annanya
This turned out to be the toughest set of the quarter finals perhaps fitting in retrospect as the match was between last year’s winner and this years winner. Annanya got out of this one with a hard fought 1-0 victory.
Final Score: 1-0 Annanya wins on aggregate

The Semi Finals

Bikash v Annanya
Yet another very hard fought match. The match ended in a tie on aggregate and on away goals. Annanya clinched it in the tiebreaker.
Final score: 4-4 Away goals 1-1 Annanya wins on tiebreaker

Srinath v Ramanand
Srinath hit top form for this match and won it with a few questions to spare. Luck in terms of questions was a major factor, but Srinath did have some cracking answers.
Final score: 6-2 Srinath wins on aggregate

The Final
Srinath v Annanya
This was match where the lead was exchanged so many times, that we’ve lost count. The score after several lead changes was poised at 4-4, away goals 1-1 going into the final 9 questions for Srinath. Annanya had a couple of great cracks to hit 2 away goals, while Srinath managed to crack a very tough question on obscure chess. In the end, the match ended with Annanya winning on aggregate 6-5.
Final score 6-5, Annanya Deb wins on aggregate

The winner for BC Cup 2010 is Annanya Deb
Runner up: Srinath Satyanarayanan

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Samrat said...

Liked the quiz format. The report is also very soccery (can't help using the S word as I am in the USA)

Anannya said...

Hey, I got the obscure chess funda - the Indian defence

Aditya G said...

@Annanya: I was talking about Tigran Petrosian and Tigran L Petrosian