Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Extentia intra-company quiz IV - report

Date: Fri, May 28, 2010. Location: Extentia, Lane 5, KP
QM: Dinesh Paripatyadar. Questions set by Rohan Nakar of Extentia and BCQC.

First round: Email quiz sent to everyone last Tuesday.
Toppers got 15/15 correct (ranked in order of email time-stamp for answers sent)

Theme: General tending toward India-centric
Participants split into 4 teams of about 6 each. Turnout was higher than previous events.
Format: IR with 25 questions. Quiz ended at 20 on account of time.
17/20 questions answered by teams.


Competitive event among 3 teams, with one team not scoring.
Some teams were misled by the ‘discuss the wrong answer’ strategy employed by neighboring teams.
No violence reported

Winners: Team B with Chetan, Umeed, Vcat, Zyfn, Manuela, Prashant M among others.
Runners up: Team D with Jaya, Melanie and several others. They went past Farah/Louis/others’ Team A by 0.5 pts.

Report by 'Vcat'

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