Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mindspark quizzing - Full Throttle Report

Set by Himanshu Panandikar, Mohit Karve with inputs from Aadinath Harihar
Questions reviewed and moderated by Aditya Gadre and Aniket Khasgiwale
Theme: Automobiles
Date/Venue: 10th October 2010, College of Engineering, Pune:

Format: 30 Question Elims, 42 Question Finals


1st Place: Suraj Menon and Yashovardhan Tamaskar (Team E) [Elims: 19 (4*) || Finals: 85]
2nd Place: Kunal Sawardekar (Team D) [Elims: 20 (4*) || Finals: 70]
3rd Place*: Chinmay Pande and Gautam Unni (Team C) (Elims: 17.5 (4*) || Finals: 60]
4th Place: Chaitanya Pise and Ninad Alurkar (Team B) [Elims: 16.5 (4*) || Finals: 60]
5th Place: Vinay N and Yash Marathe (Team F) [Elims: 20 (4*) || Finals: 30]
6th Place: Jaipal Dhupar and Saransh Verma (Team A) [Elims: 17.5 (4*) || Finals: 30]
*3rd place decided on Elims scores

Best College Team (outside the finalists): Bharat Marathe and Aditya Ramachandran (MIT)

Please provide comments if you attended the quiz.

Report by Aadinath Harihar


Salil said...

Questions please! Now its my turn to be that guy.

Kunal said...

Well, honestly I only turned up because of a misunderstanding that led me to believe that it was Chakravyuh that was on Sunday. But it turned out for the best, and I quite liked the quiz. The questions were good and there weren't any of the "What is the difference between superchargers and turbochargers" type [a prospect I greatly dreaded]. The only place where I would say there is room for improvement on the part of the QMs is, I wish they were a little more sure about the acceptability of partly correct answers. For example, if you put in a question about Minis, then you better know the difference between Mini Minors and Mini Coopers.

Aniket said...

So Kunal S still continues to use his lone wolf approach towards maximising quizzing revenue?

And now with Amit Dandekar writing reports and Salil Bijur asking for questions in the comments section, we have indeed come a full circle.