Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mindspark quizzing - Torquest Report

Set by Mohit Karve, Mihir Khatwani with inputs from Gaurav Keskar, Himanshu Panandikar, Amit Patil and Aadinath Harihar
Questions reviewed and moderated by Aditya Gadre and Aniket Khasgiwale
Theme: Science and Technology
Date/Venue: 8th October 2010, College of Engineering, Pune:


1st Place*: Sachin Ravi and Raghav NC (Symbiosis Law School) (Elims: 18 || Finals: 105)
2nd Place: Nikhil Motlag and Avaneendra Bhargav (Elims: 16 || Finals: 105)
3rd Place: Jaypal Dhupar and Saransh Verma (Elims: 22 || Finals: 80)
*1st place decided on Elims scores after Tie Breaker also ended in a tie

Unlike previous years, Torquest was an open quiz this time making it extremely competitive. The number of teams participating in a "SciTech" quiz was also high this year. The elims started with excellent set of 30 questions, spreading across various domains of Science and Technology. It had a perfect mix of questions for a regular as well as a non-regular quizzer.

The finals had seamless 48 Questions in IR fashion (24+24). This was just perfect for a Scitech Quiz making it neither too short nor too long. Right from the beginning, teams B,C and F were locked in a fierce battle for the top spot. In the end we had a tie between teams B and F for the top spot. The tie-breaker questions again led to a tie between the two teams and hence finally team B was declared winner on the basis of elims score. The finals however made the quiz look more like a business quiz than a SciTech one. There was more focus on tech companies than technology. The partial points distribution decisions invited protests by teams for a few questions. Overall it was a well set and an enjoyable quiz. Comments are most welcome.

Report by Amit Dandekar

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Nikhil said...

Yes. The quiz was tending more towards biz and tech rather than "science" which augured well for us.

Would like to pick up on this topic which is for awarding points/part-points for attempted answers by the teams. If you get a maximum of 10 for a correct answer, it it fine to award total of 20 pts with a breakup of 5+5+10 distributed amongst 3 teams? Where can one draw the line when it comes to such an act of generosity by the QM which leaves rest of the teams go down in the pecking order?