Thursday, February 03, 2011

Extentia Company Quiz XI

When: Friday, January 28, 2011
Where: Extentia ITT, Kalyani Nagar
QM: Bobby Moothedan. Quiz set by Yash Marathe/BCQC
Theme: General

Email Quiz:
As always an email quiz was sent to Extentians earlier in the week. Winners determined by # of correct answers and timestamp on email.

Answers and winner ( Farah N and Pankaj Sontakke ) announced ahead of the Fri afternoon's quiz.

Medium turnout at the ITT office this time – about 15 in all. Teams from the Extentia houses
Most number of participants from Team Parikrama
Difficult questions for Extentians this time. However, some great pickup on clues by most teams.
The QM helmed the quiz really well for a first timer, and kept the momentum going.
Good to see several new participants again
Good to see no fights break out again

Winners - Royal Brigade (Surbhi, Rahul D, Gaurav C, Vcat)
Runners Up - Constant Variables (Farah, Pankaj S, Eva, Pankaj S)

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