Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heritage India Quiz 2011 - Report

Date: 11 Feb, 2010
Venue: MES Auditorium, Bal Shikshan Mandir, Pune
Set by: Ramanand, Salil Bijur, Yash Marathe
Conducted by: Ramanand
Theme: Indian Heritage

Quiz Final Results
Format: 20 qns in the prelims; Finals: 27 questions (2 rounds of 9 each in IR; 2 written rounds on stamps (4 qns) and geographical indications (5 qns))

1st: Orchid School (Shantanu, Ameya, Gaurav) (D) - 90
2nd: Sevasadan (Omkar, Onkar, Anumit) (A) - 65
3rd: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Sulochana Natu Vidya Mandir (Prajwal, Harish, Shiva) (B)- 60
4th: Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao (Rugved, Vishnu, Janhavi) (C) - 55


Brief comments:
* Quiz was organised by the makers of the Heritage India magazine; the participants were from Pune schools in the age-group of 5th to 7th standards
* About 20-25 teams from about 8-10 schools participated
* Though tight at the beginning, Orchid pulled away from the rest in the second IR round and maintained their lead throughout
* As is always the case with school children, lots of enthusiastic kids, some of them very-well informed, and already showing the ability to guess and work-out. Only a handful of questions went unanswered, and not one was 'pass'-ed.
* Sevasadan topped the prelims with 16 out of 30. The cut-off was 14.
* Prizes sponsored by Heritage India, a local publisher (Saraswati Publishers, I think), and BCQC sponsored the 4th prize (because there was none).


Mukund Marodia said...

Can u post the archives?

Anand said...

Great show, JR. Sounds like fun, & 14 to 16 as the qualifiers spread exemplifies a set of young 'Injuns ready to don the mantle. Heartening signs, and yes, I can quite imagine some of 'em besting some of us very soon, if not now !

Ramanand said...

Mukund: will try to

Anand: thanks. The nice thing was that between them, the participants (most of them about 11 to 12 years of age) had heard of things such as SPIC MACAY, could work out the origin of "juggernaut", and try not to pass a question.

You had better try and finish winning all you can before they come of age ;-)