Saturday, March 24, 2012

The BCQC March 2012 Open Quiz - Results

Date: 24 Mar 2012

Set and Conducted by: Kunal Sawardekar

Teams of 2 for elims. 25 teams participated. 25 questions written elims.
Top 6 teams in finals. Participants from 7th-9th top teams joint finalist teams. Teams of 3 for finals.
Finals: 19 questions on Infinite Bounce clockwise, 5-image Meme Theme written round, 20 questions on Infinite Bounce anti-clockwise; In the IB rounds, teams were allowed to 'pounce' upto 4 times in the entire quiz.

1st: Team B - Anand Sivasankar, Vikram Joshi and Vikram Keskar (draft) - 195pts
2nd: Team F - Suraj Menon, Saibal Das Mahapatra and Sameer Deshpande (draft)- 75pts
3rd: Team C - Debanjan Bose, Hari Nair and Farhaz Iqbal (draft) - 70pts
Joint 4th: Team D - J. Krishnamurthy, Maitreyi Gupta and Rohan Jain(draft) - 65pts
Joint 4th: Team E - Samrat Sengupta, Aditya Gadre and Hitesh Mahato (draft) - 65pts
5th: Team A - Salil Bijur, Avaneendra Bhargav and Arnold D'Souza(draft) - 55pts

Best College Team: Ranajeet Soman and Rohan Jain
Best Newbie Team: Sanchida and Ramesh

Prizes sponsored by Landmark and BCQC

Elims cutoff: 8

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Arnold said...

After Kunal's vocal protests against the "First question's answer being the quiz name/venue" rant from a coupld of weeks ago, the first question of today's elims was surely sleisha hypocritical!

The only other "complaint" was the pesky incessant buzzing noise emanating from the team behind us.

Kunal said...

Arnold: It's okay in my case, because I was doing it ironically.