Sunday, March 04, 2012

Landmark Quiz, Pune, 2012 - results

(writing this from memory and 2nd hand reports - kindly add/correct)

What: Landmark Quiz, Pune Round
When: 3 Mar, 2011
Where: Dhanvantri Auditorium, AFMC, Pune
Conducted by: Dr. Navin Jayakumar

1st: Nawabs of Mahabs [Rajiv, Gopal, Vibhendu]
2nd: Haseena ka Paseena [Vikram, JK, Sumant]
3rd: Well of Course [Bala, Anannya, Atul]
Other finalists: [Srinath, Abhinav, Shubhankar], [Avaneendra, Kunal, Navin], [Anand, Amit Garde, Meghashyam], [Priyambad, Amit Pandeya, Ameya Samant], Dark Horse and Black Sheep [Ranjiv Ravi,Vansa David,Bharath S]

Other Results
Best Corporate Team: TCS ("Born Losers", Suresh Kumar, Aniruddha Dutta and Pravin Varma)
Best Two School Teams : Army Public School ( V Soumya, Abhimanyu Bhadauria, Rishiraj, Baruni Goel, Alok Gupta, Arjun Gade)
Best College: Quizkanths (IIM Indore: Abhishek Upadya, Rameen Khan and Prasnna Patange)

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Photos of the event (from the Landmark FB page)


Anonymous said...

Best corporate team-TCS(called themselves Born LOsers)

Best College team-IIM Indore

Anonymous said...

Dark Horse and Black Sheep - Ranjiv Ravi,Vansa David,Bharath S
Abhinav Dasgupta,Srinath Bhashyam,Shubhankar Gokhale

Ramanand said...

Anon(s): thanks. Not sure how I forgot to add Srinath & co.

Ramanand said...

(saw only half the finals, so comments limited to that)

Elims: tougher than usual, I thought. Some very nice qns, and a couple were fairly non-interesting to me (or got lost in framing - I don't know), such as the Mt. Everest one.

Finals: excellent 1st round. The 2nd round was chaotic, esp. for the audience. My post on why I don't like the pounce system is pending, but all its negative sides (the constant hullabaloo, the confusion, the audience wondering what is happening, the keeping track of scores) was in evidence. It even led to the QM being forced into a couple of errors.

Incidentally, the 1-2 was almost identical to last year.

Great venue (return of Dhanvantri to quizzing), and glad that Landmark could finally pull this off after couple of months of helplessness. But the overall impermanence of scheduling and location is a worry. This makes it harder for people to plan their LM Pune in advance, unlike with Bombay, Bangalore, and Chennai.

Anonymous said...

Prelims- Deceptively Easy I thought. Was mildly disappointed with the 29 score but was good enough to make the finals. Didn't like the Everest Question and the Shammi Kapoor Q.

Finals - Fair dose of peters on the IR but the Landmark round had a nice mix of questions.

@JR - I preferred the pounce/buzzer system to last year's grid round. Can be quite confusing to the audience but it's the fairest method I've come across so far.


Anonymous said...

its baruni......not barun...pls if u cud corect it

Ramanand said...

Baruni: Done. Sorry about that; we got the names from the Landmark Facebook posting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...