Thursday, May 24, 2012

June 2012 BCQC Opens - General  & Sports

Two Open quizzes by the BCQC on Sunday (10 June), a general quiz followed by a Sports Quiz. Here are the details:

Date: 10 June (Sunday)


Seminar Hall II, College of Engineering, Pune

Quiz 1: "kthnxbai"

Quizmaster: Suraj Menon
Flavour: General
Format:  Prelims and then finals format; two members per team; no prior registration needed; no entry fees
Timings 10:30 am to 1.30  (report by 10.15 am)

Quiz 2: "BC Cup"

Quizmasters:Aniket Khasgiwale, Aditya Gadre & Yash Marathe
Flavour: Sports
Format: Prelims, followed by quarterfinals, semifinals & finals; individual; prior registration required; no entry fees.
Timings 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm (report by 2.15 pm)

How to get to the venueThe College of Engineering, Pune (also known as COEP or just "Engineering College") is located very close to other landmarks such as Pune Station, Sancheti Flyover, and the RTO. The Seminar Hall is on the opposite side of the Boat Club (where our informal weekend sessions take place), near the Main Building.


Phone: Suraj (98903 59065), Avaneendra (9011040388), Email:[at]


Prizes for each finalist, for the Best College Team, the Best School Team, and the Best Newbie Team. Lots of audience prizes.
For BC cup prizes to all quarterfinalists, semifinalists & finalists
The BCQC is on Facebook and Twitter as well.
some questions from previous BC Opens are now available at the BCQC Questions Blog.

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