Monday, June 11, 2012

BC Cup 2012 Report

When: 10th June, 2012
Where: BC, Pune
By: Aniket Khasgiwale, Aditya Gadre, Yash Marathe

First, a 30 question elim determines 8 qualifiers (or as Quarter finalists). These 8 people take part in a 60 question quarter final. The top four go through to the semi final. The semi-final will consist of 36 questions with scoring reset to zero.
The finalists will then face off one-on one for a 28 question final. The match consists of a home leg and an away leg. Home leg essentially means your direct questions. If one gets a direct question wrong which the opponent answers, it counts as an away goal and is used for tie breakers (as per UEFA rules ).

Group stages
The fourth edition of the BCQC's megalithic sports quiz began with a low scoring and very close prelim. The prelims cutoff was 10.5, with a top score of 14 by Sumant and Suraj. The 8 qualifiers in random order were:

Sumant, Suraj, Annanya, Kaushik, Samrat,Ranajeet, Aniket R and Shubhankar.

Shubhankar took his spot after a tie-break decider where he beat Abhinav and Omkar

The Quarter Finals: Annanya won the Quarters with 8 points. Suraj and Samrat (7) were next in. Sumant, Shubhankar and Ranajeet were tied on 4 for quite some time, before Sumant scored 2 more to complete the Semi Final line up.

The Semi Final: Suraj put in a great performance to comfortably win it with 7 points. Annanya and Samrat underperformed finished on 3 points and 2 points respectively while Sumant held on to a slim 1 point lead to join Suraj in the final and  break Annanya's winning streak.

The Final
Sumant vs Suraj
In a surprisingly one-sided and low-scoring final, Sumant turned the tables and won both the home and away legs 2-0 to win it 4-0.

The winner for BC Cup 2012 is Sumant Srivathsan

Previous winners:
2009: Suraj and Sameer
2010, 2011: Annanya Deb
2012: Sumant Srivathsan

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