Saturday, August 25, 2012

BCQC Annual College Quiz

BCQC College Quizzer of the Year a.k.a The Mohit Karve Memorial Quiz
Date: 22 July 2012
Set by :  Mohit Karve
Conducted by: Avaneendra Bhargav
30 question elims & 42 question finals with intrinsic theme connect
Top 6 solo quizzers in finals.
Scoring: Rohan Jain
1st:  Aniketh Rallabhandi - 85 points
2nd: Ranajeet Soman - 60 points
3rd: Debanjan Bose - 50 points
4th: Hari Nair - 45 points
5th: Saikat Sarkar - 40 points
6th: Kshitij Jyoti - 25 points

Prizes sponsored by BCQC, Landmark
Elims cutoff: 13

 Around 15 quizzers showed up for this annual college quiz; a turnout lower than expected. The elims were not very tough though quite a few participants were put off by questions about things in vogue in the mid 2000s.
The finals contained some "gentle full-tosses" (as some like to call it) which would have been more in place in the elims. Overall the questions were good with very few going unanswered. It was a close quiz for the most part till Aniketh extended his lead to 20 points around the last 5 questions.
We hope Aniketh will come up with a great set of questions next year for the quiz that will bear his name.

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Avaneendra said...

There were exactly 20 people.