Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bangiya Sanskriti Samsad Open Quiz - Report

Date : 19-10-2012
Theme : General
Set and Conducted by : Avaneendra Bhargav
Format : 30 question elims.  Finals - 10 question written round, 18+18 IR

 1st place : Meghashyam Shirodkar, Niranjan Pedanekar, Amit Garde  132 points
2nd place : Ranajeet Soman, Aditya Chandorkar, Rohan Jain  65 points
3rd place : Sachin Ravi, Suraj Prabhu, Abhinav Pathak   28 points
4th place : Bharat Marathe, Omkar Dhakhephalkar, Debopriyo Moulik  22 points
5th place: Finehas Pinto + 2     21 points
6th place : CVR Shastry + 2     0 points

The quiz started late by almost an hour and a half (nobody complained though).  There was a lot of bureaucratic decision making going on with teams made to sit in order of their registration numbers for no practical reason and time was wasted on petty issues.
The elims were good with an even spread of topics. The lack of a projector was a hindrance as the teams sitting in the back rows weren't able to see the LCD screen clearly. The QM read out the relevant points in all questions helping the quizzers.
The finals started at 9.30 pm and hence had to be curtailed by scrapping two written rounds and 6 out of 42 IR questions. Finals started with a Simpsons cameos written round with 10 questions each for 2 points. 6 questions with 5 points each would have been a better idea as the first round made no real difference in scores.
The IR was a bit heavy on business and literature but was overall good. Some nice fundae were evinced and the quiz was interesting. Meghashyam, Niranjan and Amit were in hot form for the entire quiz pulling away to a big lead early on. Our team was comfortably leading the rest throughout for 2nd place.Suraj, Sachin and Abhinav too were 3rd since the beginning and it stayed so.
Overall it was a good quiz but a serious quiz at the Congress Bhavan (no political commentary intended) seemed incongruous to people who have attended previous quizzes by the BSS.
P.S. : No sighting of the sound guy Kulkarni kaka or any mention of Bhasantrao was made much to the disappointment of previous attendees.


Yash Marathe said...

BSS - The second S is for emphasis ;)

Avaneendra said...

The idea behind the written round was to avoid ties at the end of the quiz and not give any one undue advantage as the source of the questions was same (remember XKCD !).

Meghashyam said...

Of course Bhashantrao was there...he was called on stage midway to resolve the eeshu bith the audio-bhishols!