Thursday, October 11, 2012

Torquest : The Science and Technology Quiz -Report

Set by Amit Patil and Rohan Danait with inputs from Neelima Jha & Mihir Khatwani
Theme: Science and Technology (Sci-Tech)
Date/Venue: 5th October 2012, Auditorium (Elims) & Room No.13 at College of Engineering, Pune
Format: 30 Question Elims, 46 Question Finals (18 IR +10 Special round (XKCD) + 18 IR Rev)
Total Teams: 54
1st Place: Debanjan Bose and Hari Nair (Team F: Fish Curry Rice) - 135 pts [Elims: 26 (5*)]
2nd Place: Nikhil Motlag and Avaneendra Bhargav (Team B: Einstein Ke Frankenstein) - 115 pts[Elims: 16 (4*)]
3rd Place: Rohit Iyer and Ravi Handa (Team E: The Latecomers) - 110 pts [Elims: 20 (3*)]
4th Place: Ranajeet Soman and Sachin Ravi (Team D: Quizzing For Nirvana) - 45 pts [Elims: 20 (4*)]
5th Place: Abhishek Bagade and Ameya Bhagat (Team C: Yuva) - 25 pts [Elims: 18 (4*)]
6th Place: Harshal Sarda and Shantanu Hadgekar (Team A: Tech-Wizards) - 10 pts[Elims: 11 (3*) ]

Best College Team (outside the finalists): Ayush Bhat and Yateen Kedare Elims: 11 (2*)

The elims were a little tech heavy but overall good. A greater variety in fundae could have been achieved with a little more research and repetition could have been avoided ( like 2 questions about Apple products).
Too much time was given for each question and the elims stretched on for the better part of an hour.

The finals had good questions for the most part but one or two teams got lucky with sitters coming their way (for eg : origin of the VAIO logo). Debanjan and Hari were leading since the beginning followed by Ravi and Rohit in second and Avaneendra and Nikhil at third place. Our team was also in contention till the halfway mark.

The xkcd round upset the entire balance of proceedings. 10 questions each with 10 points based on xkcd alone is way too heavy and it creates an uneven playing field.  People who do not follow the webcomic are at a clear disadvantage. Though most answers could be figured out by non-followers, negative scoring deterred teams from taking educated guesses. Team F scored a massive 75 points and pulled away virtually out of reach.

The second half had decent questions with teams B and E scoring heavily. There were quite a few astronomy based questions. There are many other fields that can be explored in a sci-tech quiz which were found lacking.

Overall it was a decent quiz and well conducted by Amit. A little more attention to detail and more research before the quiz would have made it more enjoyable. Hope next year it the Torquest team comes up with an even better quiz.


Ranajeet said...

Team F scored 75 points in the xkcd round. Mea culpa.

Aditya said...

Agree on a round based on one source hjaving a weightage of a 100 pts.

The xkcd round fiasco could probably have been avoided by putting the quiz through one of the many more-than-willing guinea pigs who would have told the organizers that the same thing was done by us in 2008 with the same result - Abhishek N scored a ton of points in that round and the quiz was over after the first round itself.

Kunal said...

- In my day, a tech-heavy final round in a tech quiz was considered a good thing.

- Giving participants a lot of time to answer questions (and a lot of rope to hang themselves) has a long and storied tradition in COEP Tech Quizzes since the days of Siddharth Natarajan and the legendary turbocharger-supercharger question.

- Theme rounds with disproportionately high scoring compared to IR Rounds: good for people who like watching quizzers squirm, bad for quizzers. #youprefer

Kunal said...

The conclusion to the last point of my previous question is, Theme rounds with disproportionately high scoring compared to IR Rounds are like Pornob Mukherjee quizzes.

Ramanand said...

Thanks for the detailed report, Ranajeet. In fact, all Mindspark reports this year have been excellent :) (we must thank the quizzes for inspiring them, I guess ;-))

Ranajeet said...

It says the elims were tech heavy Kunal. Thank you Ramanand. To quote Suraj Menon "I try."

Avaneendra said...

I welcome the change that the blog is THE place of discussion again !