Monday, June 17, 2013

Bulla-wood (The Bollywood Quiz) - Report

Quiz set by Yash Tamaskar
Conducted by Aditya Gadre

Format : Written quiz with 35 questions. 10 points per question (1 had 12.5 points)

Results :

1st : Vibhendu Tewari and Abhinav Dasgupta - 287.5 pts
2nd : Navin Sharma and Ranajeet Soman - 150 pts

This was the first written quiz I have seen where teams asked for supplements to their answer sheets. There were multiple variables in almost every question which made writing down answers really tedious. The questions were decent overall with a couple of peters. Some questions could definitely have been better framed. Gadre tried his best to help the teams out and gave hints where a question seemed a bit vague.
Quite a few teams were between the 100-140 mark. Navin and I got those extra 10-15 points which saw us go clear. That being said, with Vibhendu in the house, everyone was always playing for second place which is illustrated by the huge gap between 1st and 2nd place. The quiz was mostly full of mainstream fundae which is not a bad thing (IMO). It was fun but not more than that. 


Anonymous said...

This is like claiming both Sunita Williams and Mother Teresa are Indians. Roshith is definitely not a 'Pune' quizzer.

Ramanand J said...

"This is like claiming both Sunita Williams and Mother Teresa are Indians. Roshith is definitely not a 'Pune' quizzer."

Comment is for the wrong post.

And while we are it, despite a quizzer's 'home' affiliations, it's not a crime to use his MQ centre for the purposes of such a post (though it's largely because Gadre probably doesn't know Roshith and where he comes from). Many quizzers take the test outside of their 'home' ground, and it's ok if they are classified with wherever they took it.

So relax :-) We can take Roshith's name out if it excites such passions among the quizzing equivalents of Slovenians and Albanians.

And for the record, Mother Teresa was a naturalised Indian citizen.

Aditya said...

1. You have the wrong post.
2. Roshith took MQ in Pune and hence his name features here - just like Samanth S's name features on the list of 24 'Bombay quizzers' who made the top 100