Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mahaquizzer 2013 results

Oops! We seem to have forgotten to post the results for Mahaquizzer this year.

Pune results were as follows: 

Open Category winner:  Kunal Sawardekar - 62 pts
2nd: J Ramanand - 57 pts

College winner: Aditya Akhauri - 26 pts

Ladies winner: Sravya Darbhamulla

The official results (the top 100) has been published by the KQA here

Four Pune quizzers made the top 100 (ranks in brackets) - Kunal (23), Ramanand (27), Aditya Gadre (51), Roshith Mohan (87)

In addition to this, Suraj Menon (19) and Aniket Khasgiwale (78) also made the top 100.

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Ramanand J said...

(thanks for remembering to post this :-))

Updated post with the Ladies winner. There was no school participant.