Monday, August 05, 2013

"The Silly Olympics" - August 2013 Sports and Entertainment Quiz - Results

When: 4th August, 2013

Where: Extentia, Pune

By: Curated by Aditya Gadre, based on a quiz by Suraj Menon. Valiantly conducted (in the face of relentless sledging) by Avaneendra Bhargav.

Format: 35 question written quiz for 2 member teams. (About 20-odd teams took the quiz.)


Winners: Ranajeet Soman and Ramanand (25 points)

2nd: Venkat S and Arnold D'Souza (20)

3rd: Samrat Sengupta and Maitreyi Gupta (19.5)


An excellent set of questions on sports and entertainment (side aside: why is there a spate of Sports+Entertainment quizzes in recent times, "SpEnt" as it is referred to. Has the potential of just a Sports or an Ent quizzes been spent?). Most questions were very workable, even the ones masquerading as hip-hop questions.

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Vcat said...

This was a great afternoon! And quite a decent turnout.

Aniket Khasgiwale said...

"Curated by Aditya Gadre, based on a quiz by Suraj Menon. Valiantly conducted ... by Avaneendra Bhargav."

It seems like the art of conducting quizzes has really evolved. Earlier one person could do a quiz on his own, but now we have people specializing in "setting", "curating"(!) and "conducting". Seems like it's no longer an amateur's game.

Samrat said...

Interesting set of questions. Sports questions were quite diverse and workoutable. A disproportionate weightage of rap/hip-hop/black :) music. But gettable nevertheless. Thanks to Suraj,Aditya and Avaneendra. As Aniket said this is age of specialization :)

Anonymous said...

Workable questions which were fun to answer. It would have made a good elims for a longer quiz.


Aditya said...

Please give all credit where it is due - i.e. 6/7th to Suraj and 1/7th to Avaneendra.

All I did was choose 35 questions I liked from Suraj's quiz and put them in a ppt with slightly better formatting and fewer question marks.

Ranajeet said...

Suraj's quizzes are super fun and most of them are 'my type' as Rohan Jain would say. Two golf questions and 3 hip-hop questions in a 35 qn SpEnt quiz is a bit much I think. Almost all were workable and Avaneendra provided decent clues in spite of being sledged pretty much throughout the quiz.

Anannya Deb said...

You mean it was "Not Quite Sports" and "Not Quite Entertainment", was it?

Where are the koschens, BTW?

BVHK said...

I liked the set and although some of the questions were not down my alley, they were quite gettable.

Kunal said...

'Twas trolling, not sledging. There's a difference ;)