Friday, August 16, 2013

Announcement: The BCQC August Open Quizzes - Part II

On Sunday, the 25th of August, 2013 - we conduct two quizzes. 

Quiz I: Laplace's demons

Time: 10:30 am
Flavour:  Science and Technology
Teams: Teams of two.
Format: This is a written quiz (~35 questions)- so please bring a writing instrument.

Quiz II: A Touch of Grey (You will be grateful you are not dead)*

Bombay-based Quiz Gawd Anannya "Dada" Deb will be returning to the BCQC to conduct yet another wide-ranging, interesting and in all aspects brilliant quiz. 

Time: 1:30 pm
Flavour: General 
Teams: Teams of two.
Format: Written elims followed by finals for the top 9 teams

* Grateful Dead reference. Dada will not kill you. Really. 

The venue for both the quizzes will be the Academic Complex, College of Engineering, Pune.  


Vcat said...

Yay! But WTGW?

Anonymous said...

No Review ?