Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Announcement: Conundrums - the Mood Indigo General Quiz - Pune round

What: Conundrums is the Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay) General Quiz. Two preliminary rounds are being organised in Pune and Chennai, ahead of the preliminary, semis, and finals in Mumbai in December

Who is this for: College students in Pune

What's at stake: The Pune prelims give two teams a direct entry into the semi final stage in December. You don't have to fight the large number of competitive teams
in the Mumbai prelims for a place in the semis. And if you don't qualify here, you can always go to Mumbai for one more attempt.

The General Quiz final during Mood Indigo has cash prizes worth Rs. 30,000/-

When: the Pune round will be held on 12 Oct (Sat) at 2 pm

Where: COEP (hall to be confirmed)

What's the format:
there will be a 25 question written prelim, followed by a stage final for the top 4 teams. 2 teams will make it to the semis.

Who is setting/conducting the quiz: Ramanand & Harish are setting. Ramanand will conduct.

What do I do next: Register at  www.moodi.org/#/competitions -> Literary Arts -> Omniscience -> Registration.

Contact: Atharva Kelkar <atharva.kelkar@gmail.com> for any help or clarifications.

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