Sunday, October 06, 2013

BCQC October Open Quizzes 2013: "M" - Music, Military and More Report

Set and Conducted by: Ayush Agrawal

30 written questions on Music, the Military and some other topics whose names begin with the thirteenth letter of the alphabet.

1st: Abhishek Upadhya and Kunal Sawardekar - 23.5 pts
Jt. 2nd: Samridh Kapur and Aditya Pawar - 17 pts
Jt. 2nd: Anurakshat Gupta and Kshitij Jyoti - 17 pts

A very enjoyable start to the quizzing day. I especially liked the military section of the quiz (as much of a shock that may be to many of you) which, in spite of an audience with quite a bit of exposure to the military milieu, educated as well as entertained us. The other "M"s were a teensy-weensy bit on the easy side but also enjoyable and workable. My one crib was with the multiple-answer questions - but those seem to have become a cultural phenomenon as ubiquitous and irrepressible (no matter how much one tries to repress it) as twerking.

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