Monday, June 16, 2014

June Open Quizzes - Results

When: 15 June 2014 at COEP

Quiz 1: Flags of the World
Set and Conducted by Kunal S
Format: 25 questions; random pairing of teams for some participants

Joint 1st: Saikat Sarkar+Kshitij Jyoti & Samrat Sengupta+Suyash Thite (16.5)
Joint 2nd: Aniket Dass+Rujul Godse, Anmol Dhawan+Ashwin Mahesh, Omkar Dhakephalkar+Ranajeet Soman (16)

Report: Nice set of questions with some very interesting facts, ending with an other-worldly twist.
Questions here.

Quiz 2: "Attaa tu MELAS"
Set and Conducted by Ranajeet Soman
Flavour: Music, Entertainment, Language, Arts, Sports
Format: 25 qns written prelims, 2 IR + 1 written round in the final on '(not naughty) nautical phrases (which had nothing to do with Notting Hill)', draft picks

1st: E: Samrat Sengupta, Tadatmya Vaishnav, Omkar Yarguddi (85)
2nd: D: Omkar Dhakephalkar, Pranav Pawar, Anmol Dhawan (70)
3rd: F: Rohan Danait, Vibhav Bhave, Alok Kulkarni (60)
Other finalists: (A) Kunal S+Debanjan Bose+Sumit (55), (C) Sahil Gupta+Payas Awadhutkar+Karan Gunjal (45), (B) Saikat Sarkar+Kshitij Jyoti+Ashwin Mahesh (5)

Prelims cut-off: 6 (1 star) for the top 6, 4.5 for the draft picks

Report: The only disappointment of the quiz was, contrary to what was displayed on the quiz's publicity material, there was no question on a certain Ajay Singh Deol (there was a question on "Deool", though). A tough prelims for the participants, with only one team getting into double figures (Kunal & Debo, who veered to the other extreme of scariness scoring 17, whereas the 2nd highest team had 9). In the final, Team D looked comfortable in the first 2 rounds, but went off the pace in the last. The exact opposite happened to Team E, resulting in their win.

Some very interesting questions - my favourites being the ones on the Emmy Awards, the one about Boris Becker, and "the Kiss".

What could have been better? some of the answer explanations.

Questions: Prelims

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July quizzes:
- Cricket Open by Arnold D'Souza
- College General Quiz by Vibhav Bhave
- World Cup Quiz by Anannya Deb & Aditya Gadre

Schedule will be put up on our calendar and our FB group

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