Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June Open Quizzes

The BCQC is organising two open quizzes in June. Details:

Date: 15 June 2014 (Sunday)
Venue: Seminar Hall, Academic Complex., COEP, Pune (next to the BC). For the first ever time in BCQC history, we have to declare a dress code(!): full-length trousers for guys, as COEP has become finicky about not allowing people wearing shorts in the Complex.

Quiz 1: "Flags of the World"

Set & hosted by: Kunal Sawardekar
When: 2:15 pm to 3:15 pm 
Theme: um, flags of the world
Format: written, for all teams
Registration: free, open to all
Teams: teams of two members each, but we're going to experiment this time by randomly pairing together all participants (gives you a chance to team up with someone new)
Certificates for the top three college participants

Quiz 2: "The June Open"

Set & hosted by: Ranajeet Soman
When: 3:30 pm to 5:45 pm 
Theme: Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts, Sports (i.e. a Lt. General Quiz)
Format: written prelims, followed by final for 6 teams
Draft Picks: participants from the best three college teams not to qualify will join the top 6 teams 
Registration: free, open to all
Teams: teams of two members each (no random pairing here)
Certificates for members of the top three college teams

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Abhishek said...

Ah, nice to see colorful posters making a comeback! I for one can never forget this one: BC July Quiz