Monday, July 28, 2014

The Cricket Quiz - Report

The quiz was set and conducted by Arnold D'Souza. It was originally supposed to be IR with all teams in finals but since we had a good turnout it was conducted as a written quiz.

1st - Aniket Khasgiwale and BV Harish Kumar  - 37.5 pts
2nd - Ranajeet Soman and Samrat Sengupta - 23 pts

Report :

The quiz had 46 questions plus two other rounds. The first round was a doppelgangers round where celebrities from non-cricketing fields were shown and we had to guess the cricketer they resembled. It was a nice non-serious start to the quiz (the Nathan Bracken - Amelie Mauresmo part especially).

There were two sets of 22 and 24 questions respectively with a healthy share of tough questions. The questions were well framed, however, some of the answers weren't 'workoutable' at all. There were a few record/statistics based questions which seem unavoidable in a cricket quiz. Even though the quiz was tough, the questions were not arbit (barring a couple). There was a heavy English county bias and a lot of questions from the late 19th/early 20th century. Indian domestic cricket felt slightly left out I am sure.

The third round was a bar graph representation of the runs scored over a batsman's career. This was the most enjoyable round of the quiz. The quizmaster's choice of batsmen for this round was excellent.

As themed quizzes go, this was a good quiz and a very nice debut by Arnold.

Questions are here.

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