Sunday, April 30, 2017

Report on Imperio, Open Biz Quiz at COEP

Quiz: Imperio
Flavour: Open Biz Quiz
Date: 9 April 2017
Venue: BHAU Institute, COEP
QM: Vrushabh Gudade


1st: Shantanou Gangakhedkarr and Saahil Sharma (210 points)
2nd: Aranbh Sengupta and Anirudh Anilkumar (150 points)
3rd: Omkar Borate and Deven Deshpande (140 points)

The venue was the posh newly constructed BHAU’s auditorium at COEP campus. The Prelims started on time with the organisers handing over the certificates at the beginning of the quiz itself. There were around 25 teams participating in the quiz. The elims set consisted of 18 questions only, with 13 one pointers and 5 two pointers each.

The questions were quite easy with almost all participating teams at similar scores.
The finals had 8 teams consisting of both open and college teams. The finals consisted of a total of 24 question on IR separated by a written round of 6 questions. The first quarter of the quiz was quite easy with all teams answering simultaneously, thus negating the chance of a lead. The breakthrough point for teams was the written round consisting of three questions each on India and Logos.

The overall question framing was good and some fundae were very well researched. Although it may be pointed out that few peters should have definitely been avoided. The penultimate question on carbonated drinks/soda had the teams in a bit of a tussle which had to be scrapped later on.
The quiz ended with the winners having a healthy lead of around 60 points ahead of second placed team. There was a tie for the 2nd spot which was resolved by Shantanou Gangakhedkarr.

Report by: Shantanou Gangakhedkarr

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Vcat said...

Nice roundup.

Always wonder, why do people need quiz certificates? To present to who?