Sunday, April 30, 2017

Report on Lumiere, College Quiz at Impressions 2016. COEP

Date: 10th & 11th December, 2016
Quiz:   Lumiere
Venue: COEP
Fest:    Impressions 2016, COEP Cultural Fest
QMs: Akshay Parale & Omkar Borate

1st – Arnabh Sengupta & Anirudh Anilkumar, AFMC
2nd – Pranav ‘Floyd’ Joshi & Charles Matthews, Modern+PICT
3rd – Pranjal Gupta & Rishabh Mehta, AFMC
4th – Shantanou Gangakhedkarr & Shantanu Pant
5th – Dhruv Sahastrabuddhe + 1
6th – Ankit & Anurag Choudhary, PICT

The quiz was spread over two days i.e. Elims on 10th and Finals on 11th. In a closely contested elims the cutoff was 17.5, with the highest score being 22.5.

Next day, we were greeted by Abbott and Costello on Arrival (From Arrival) and taken on a b(+p)ouncy ride by the Quizmasters Akshay Parale & Omkar Borate. It was a quiz that kept us on the edge of our seats with repeated pounces and close competition between the teams in the finals. With all teams playing all out from the start, it was bound to be a close call and it do go down to the wire with a mere 5/10 points separating the podium finishers. 

The quiz was a bevy of Q's that were all workoutable, enabling most non sporty quizzers to indulge in some lifting too. One Question that stuck with me months after the quiz (which is when this report is being written) was about the outfits inspired by the characters in FBAWTFT, looking at you, Seraphina Picquery. The gigglewater is indeed non-negotiable.

Report by: Arnabh Sengupta

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