Tuesday, January 30, 2018

BCQC InFest 2018 Reports | The Maazical Mystery Tour

Slot: Sunday, 21-1-2018, Morning
Quiz: The Maazical Mystery Tour
Flavour: Music
QM: Aditya Gadre and Debanjan Bose
Format: Written elims to decide 6 main teams and draft picks. Elims scores 3 carry over to finals. Seamless Infinite Re-pounce in finals.

Aditya Gadre and Debanjan Bose set an excellent, accessible and nicely distributed quiz to open Day 2 of InFest 2018. While the start of the quiz was delayed to accommodate quizzers recovering from the previous day's festivities, only 10 teams made it to the start of the quiz. A mysterious errand that came up for Shubhankar Gokhale after the elims meant that all remaining 19 quizzers were able to make it to the finals, with only one 4-member team. In recognition of the fact that (nearly) all teams that wrote the elims made it to the final, all six directly qualifying teams had their elims score (multiplied by 3) carry over to the finals.

There was quite a nice mix of musical styles, periods and personalities throughout the quiz, without venturing into the gratuitously esoteric. Questions were workable and based on interesting fundae, and the use of audio-visual clues was judicious. There were 4 written rounds of three questions each, which was the only departure from the otherwise seamless IR(p).

QM Aditya Gadre kept the proceedings at a brisk clip, despite this being perhaps one of the longest quizzes at InFest, and definitely the most AV-heavy (with the possible exception of the InFestYouUs set on Female Non-Acting Oscar Winners taken by Vibhendu Tiwari). The quiz was completed within an acceptable tolerance of its scheduled end-time.

Vibhendu and Aniket topped the elims by a large margin, and their team (augmented by the Upcoming Quizzer of the Year 2016 Omkar Dhakephalkar) carried the resultant lead through the finals. The other teams were quite evenly matched, which was made starkly evident by the three-way tie for second place.
Winners - Vibhendu Tiwari, Aniket Khasgiwale & Omkar Dhakephalkar (draft) - 180 pts
Jt. 2nd - Ranajeet Soman, Navin Sharma & Rohan Jain (draft) - 155 pts
Jt. 2nd - Annanya Deb, Anand S & Venkat S (draft) - 155 pts
Jt. 2nd - Pranav Pawar, Kunal Sawardekar & Omkar Yarguddi (draft) - 155 pts
5th place - Nadeem Ansari. Shaswat Salgaocar + Nikhil Motlag (draft) - 125 pts
6th place - Ananya Menon, Advay Aundhekar, Nikhil Nair and Aditya Lewis (points to be updated)

Report by: Kunal Sawardekar

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