Monday, January 29, 2018

BCQC InFest 2018 Reports | The Supplies Quiz

The Supplies Quiz 

Set by UNESCO Best QM Suraj Menon and Pranav 'Floyd' Joshi 
Format: Written elims followed by a team final in a University Challenge format

1st: Aditya Gadre, Aniket Khasgiwale and Shubhankar Gokhale
Jt 2nd: Kunal Sawardekar, Omkar Dhakephalkar and Ranajeet Soman
Jt 2nd: Anannya Deb, Anand Sivashankar and Pranav Pawar

Other finalists:
Vibhendu Tewari, Maitreyi Gupta and Safal Mohammad
Shrirang Raddi, Arnold D'Souza and Sandeep Shankar
Abhinav Dasgupta, Nadeem Ansari, Saahil Singh and Shashwat Salgaoncar

For starters, let me clarify that the quiz was not about drugs or inventory management - but a surprise to all who took part.

The quiz started with a 25 question elim. At the time of writing the elims - no one knew what the format of the quiz was - but we started getting an idea when every single elims question had the name of a university in it. It also nicely ended with a quesion on University Challenge which also was the theme of the quiz format going forward. Great touch!

We made 6 teams with draft picks - and much painful wire and cable and bench movements later - we had the set up with buzzers (kindly made and provided by Shubhankar) ready for the quiz. The format was identical to University Challenge - with a starter for 10 followed by bonus questions if the team gets the answer right on the buzzer. The additional quirk added was that other teams could atempt the bonus questions by writing down the answer - this got a lot of the teams very close to each other without hitting the buzzer too often. The QMs also read out the questions as opposed to putting them on the slide which further made the experience more authentic. This also added the constraint of making the questions small enough to be read and understood for a buzzer round while keeping the workoutability intact. UNESCO Best QM and Floyd delivered a great set of questions and ran proceedings at a good clip. Hope to see more innovative, experimental formats at InFest next year as well.

Report by Aditya Gadre

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