Monday, September 27, 2004

In the past few weeks...

Some of the quizzes that one would wish he/she had not attended, but though deserve some mention were the 3 ones in AISSMS. It seems, a new quizzing pattern (lets call it AISSMS pattern) has emerged. Consider these:-

  1. Direct & Pass (though one of them had a 'new' system called 'Infinite Remote').
  2. A round where one team member selects a topic for his partner. If unanswered, the question passes not to the teams, but to the first partner.
  3. Audio-visuals provided 'live' by the college talents.
  4. Trailing teams get knocked out after every 2 rounds.
  5. The finale is between 2 teams following the pattern of CNBC 'The Challenge'.

Other quizzes that took place were Vedant and the TVS Tyres SmarTest. In all of them, the drawbacks of D&P showed - nastily. Major upsets and major cribs and frustrations. The quality of questions is becoming a secondary issue. Waiting for a good quiz with IR.

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