Monday, September 20, 2004

The Pinnacle Quiz (SIT)

Results 1st: Kunal Sawardekar [FC], Salil Bijur [VIT]
2nd: Nikhil Kundargi [ PICT ], Neil Mehta [ PICT ]
3rd: Hrishikesh Kavade [SIT] (???) [SIT]
Other finalists: Siddharth Dani [VIT] & Kunal Thakar [VIT], Rashmi Vadnagare[VIT] & Harsh Ketkar [VIT], & a SIT team

The Organizers: Akshay Pande & Akshay Raut

Notes: * The quality of the questions was quite respectable although they did tend to be a bit obscure at times . A lot of all-around passes ensured a pretty low scoring quiz.

* organized at SIT[Sinhagad College Of Engineering Pune]

* This is the second year running that a quiz has been organized at SIT. (I think) that last year it had been under the aegis of the computer department . This year's version was managed by the Electronics And Telecommunications department.

:: Report by Nikhil

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