Thursday, September 29, 2005

Vedaant 2005

Date: 28th Sep 2005

1st: Safal Mohammad & Vivek Philip (AFMC)
2nd: Salil Bijur & Arnab Pal (VIT)
3rd: Shreekant Awchar & R. Shyam Krishnan (BJMC)
4th: Philip Mathew & Neelabh Nayan (AFMC)

Set By: L.A. Committee of Vedaant 2005

First a few flashbacks to BJMC quizzes by Gaurav and by Kunal S. As compared to last time, the questions this time were worse. Alongwith school quiz and Manorama type trivia, there were also some like "In which city did the Boston Tea Party take place?" or "In which city is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?".

The elims were multiple choice with negative marking. After 2 semifinals, there were 5 rounds in the finals like 2 rounds of D&P, Fastest Finger First, an "interesting" Who Am I?, Crossword and Rapid Fire.

After experiences from last year, this time there were professional security guards for controlling the audience. A few paper planes did make it to the stage though. On a side note, I feel more quizzes should be held at BJMC. Never have I seen such a passionate or enthusiastic audience for a quiz ever before!


Kunal said...

So the new generation from AFMC make their mark at last. Kudos to them!

Kunal said...

>>"As compared to last time, the questions this time were worse"

I shudder at the mere thought!

Abhishek said...

I am still fuming at what i see to be a gross error in scoring in the elims. We were told 69 was the cut off, and we were sure we had got 69. Then we came to know we had got 67, which was mathematically impossible since by the +2 -1 format, we having attempted all could only get a multiple of 3. reval showed that we indeed had 69, but the cut-off was then increased to 71 - and we were 'consoled ' with a place on 'the back-up' bench.

Seems like we missed a lot of fun!

Salil said...

AFM specializes at MCQs, thats what we were told.