Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BCQC Website down for maintenance

The BCQC website is currently down for some maintenance activities. Please don't be surprised at the website having gone "dry"! This blog will be our official refuge for a while.


siddhartha said...

i wasn't quite sure whom to contact so thought it best to leave a comment here.

the 2007 edition of the india film quiz at B. J. Medical College will be held on 18th feb (10 am). the timing is tentative, will post the final details later. but considering the fact that quite a few of the usual bcqc suspects had enjoyed the quiz last year, it would be great if you passed on the message to the rest via the blog.



Ramanand said...

Thanks Siddhartha - had seen a message on the mailing list, but will post on the blog too. Looking fwd to the quiz!