Thursday, April 03, 2008

BC March Open: The laME quiz

Date: 30 Mar, 2008
Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, PSL, Pune
Set and Conducted by: Yash Tamaskar, Suvajit Chakraborty
Theme: Entertainment, Music, and a little bit of Literature and Arts

Quiz Final Results
Format: 2 halves of seamless IR, including two theme connects; ~50 questions
1st: Niranjan Pedanekar + J. Ramanand (A)
2nd: Apurva Dubey + Akhil (D)
3rd: Samrat Sengupta + Amit Garde (E)
4th: Salil Bijur + Abhishek Nagaraj (B)
??th: Kaustubh Bhat + Aditya Gadre (F)
??th: Anupam Akolkar + Chintan Shah (C)
Scorers: Aadinath Harihar

Elims standings (out of 40 questions): Niranjan+Ramanand (19.5), Akhil+Apurva (12.5), Anupam+Chintan (12), Samrat+Amit (11.5), Abhishek+Salil (10.5), Aditya+Kaustubh (10)
No. of teams: ~25

This is an incomplete report because I don't have all the final scores, and some of the standings may be incorrect. Also, the community had much to say about the quiz on the day, so please use the comments to record them. This way, we'll have the report as well.


Aditya said...

JR and NP won by a VERY big don't have their scores(we had stopped counting after 100pts). According to the scores I have we were joint fourth with SB and AN.

With regards to the quiz itself .Some views:
- Elims were , to say the least , forgettable. IMHO , if you want a 40 question elim it should either be simple (like Chakravyuh) or outright brilliant (like Amnesia). Most of the elim questions were vague and open to interpretation and left most of us totally confused as to what the QMs wanted as an answer. Questions seemed to be totally unworkable and touched on too many random arbit bits of trivia for my liking.
- Finals were quite good . Most of the questions ,though not workable, were interesting and (more or less) well framed.
- My only complaint with the finals were the lack of Lit , arts and more importantly music. Next time perhaps this should be a only movies quiz .
And to end on a lighter note

-The most entertaining part of the quiz was the fact that both QMs seemed to hate the others questions. After every question the mike transporter ie other QM kept announcing that 'this is not my question. don't look at me'

Salil said...

The other quiz setter was the mike holder and didnt seem to know which answer merited full points. He was often seen looking back to the QM in case of a partial answer with a look of "should i pass it to the next one or are you giving them points?"

Ramanand said...

Liked the coverage of topics, though the QMs tried too hard to cover topics that they were not themselves familiar with. Elims were a bit of a vague horror and could have been so much better. Could have saved a lot of trees by cutting down some qns and a lot of text.

Some of the connects were, imo, vague and half-baked. Theme 1 was not constructed to my liking while 2 was too esoteric.

All this said, still enjoyed a quiz and it turned to our advantage that it was mostly films and had lots of indian stuff as well. We could have dealt with all except western music, and managed to surprise even ourselves by getting one or two right there!

QMs had their heart in the right place but to give their questions a lot more care, polish, and finesse.

Ramanand said...

Note: as it turned out, rather fishily, the QMs of the morning's quiz had partnered with the winners of the morning quiz :-) (breaking news brought to the attention of everyone by the clueless perpetrators themselves :-))

Oh, and history was made when the quiz started bang on time. Well done!