Friday, April 04, 2008

BCQC March Open - QuiZeitgeist

Set and Conducted by Samrat Sengupta.

1st: Amit Garde , Kaustubh Bhat and Aditya Gadre : 94pts
2nd: J Ramanand , Abhishek N , Yasho Tamaskar : 86pts
3rd: Niranjan Pedanekar , Suvajit Chakraborty , Salil Bhargava :82pts
4th: Salil Bijur , Aditya Chandorkar and Yash Marathe :70pts
5th: Aniket Khasgiwale , Kapeesh Saraf , Venkat S : 38 pts
6th: Harsh Ketkar , Saransh Verma , Manish Manke :34 pts

Elims: Ramanand + Yasho , Niranjan + Suvajit (21pts; started with a 16pt advantage), Aniket + Venkat , Aditya + Amit (19.5pts ; started with 8 pt advantage), Yash M + Aditya C , Harsh + Saransh (17pts)
Manish and Salil Bhargava , Salil Bijur and Abhishek N , Kapeesh and Kaustubh were the other 3 teams that qualified and were randomly distributed to the other 6 teams.

Elims were quite simple and did the job of separating the top nine 9 teams from the rest. The finals had 5 rounds. Three were general rounds and 2 were special 'pick your topic' rounds.
Most of the questions were great and Samrat conducted the quiz very well. One of the best things to see at the quiz was the way he did the audience questions. One member of the audience was chosen at random and asked to give a topic on which (s)he would like to be asked questions and Samrat made the questions up there and then and asked them. This made the audience feel a bit more involved and gave a more personal feel to the quiz.
Only cribs about the quiz were the reversal of passing order 4 times in the quiz which lead to skewed number of attempts and a few sitters here and there.


Aniket said...

I feel this was a really good quiz. Especially the audience interaction. The questions were good, workable and not esoteric. We should learn from this quiz and have more of such enjoyable quizzes.

Ramanand said...

I enjoyed the quiz - started on time! yippee :-). Samrat's pleasant and peaceful style was very nice to experience. Teams were happy (most of them, at any rate!) and enjoyed themselves.

cribs: Some of the questions were too simple. The level of difficulty in the special rounds was uneven. Too much passing changes, which also affected the result, IMO.

thumbs up: informality, audience friendliness, lightweight, some good qs, nice elims, topics reflecting QM's interests.

Aniket is right: it was a good kind of quiz for people to experience. Nice to see this kind of variety in the BC quizzing calendar.