Sunday, April 06, 2008

Srujan 2008

Date: 5th Apr 2008
Venue: Telco Colony, Tata Motors

General Quiz

Set and Conducted by Vinay N.
Format:18 on IR; 6 on D&P; 6 non-passing identify-in-3-clues; 6 on D&P


1st: Prasann Potdar and Amit Pandeya (D): 80
2nd: Salil Bijur and Nirad Inamdar (C): 70
3rd: Saransh Verma and Karan Chawla (B): 65
4th: Abhishek Nagaraj and Aniket Khasgiwale (A): 55
5th: Aditya Sharma and Anirudh Lamba (F): 40
6th: Sirisha and B.V. Harish Kumar (E): 30

Business Quiz

Set and Conducted by Vinay N.
Format:IR and D&P rounds, a 'betting round' (need clarification on this) and a D&P round connecting to a theme


1st: Prasann Potdar and Amit Pandeya (D): 100
2nd: Vishal Kelkar and Saurabh Goel (B): 95
3rd: Nikhil Motlag and Ramakrishnan Sridhar (B): 50
4th: Abhishek Nagaraj and Weena (C): 30
Joint 5th: Anubhav Chatterjee and Vijay Krishna C.V. (A): 20
Joint 5th: Yash Tamaskar and Siddharth Cavale (A): 20


Harish Kumar said...

BCQC folks - let's learn to abide by the QM's decision - fair or unfair.

Yash Marathe said...

And let's learn to accept D&P as an alternate way of quizzing. ;)

Ramanand said...

I'm not sure what happened on the day, but it makes me uncomfortable that many of these murmurs of bad behaviour are heard each time a quiz is held. We have our pet theories on how quizzes should be done, but a little politeness is nice to have, especially in quizzes organised by inexperienced people. If you don't like such quizzes, stay away. Or try to reason with the organisers later, and politely. But let's not impose a particular dogma on anyone. Especially when most of us (self particularly included!) are incapable of doing perfect quizzes. D&P sucks but learn to live with it, especially when on someone else's turf.

Aniket said...

I think we seriously need to address the issue. Being BCQC members doesn't give us the moral high ground over everybody else. And it's okay to grumble if the organisers have been rude, but that wasn't the case at Srujan. The guys there were really helpful and played the elims questions again after we arrived late. They even accepted our version of scores during the finals. So I guess during such quizzes we shouldn't be rude just because they aren't doing what we call our brand of quizzing.
And yes, I know D&P sucks, but IR wasn't exactly made in heaven. So lets please stop complaining whenever we come across D & P.