Monday, October 06, 2008

BarQing Mad! - Entertainment quiz at MindSpark '08

Set by : Yasho Tamaskar , Aditya Gadre , Aniket Khasgiwale .

Conducted BY : Yasho Tamaskar

1st : J Ramanand and BV HArish Kumar : 145
2nd : Salil Bijur and Suraj Menon : 115
3rd : Suvajit Chakraborty and Sayak Dasgupta : 100
4th : Akhil and Apoorva : 95
5th : Meghashyam Shirodkar and Venkat Srinivasan : 55
6th : Mihir Muley and Chinmay Nivargi : 15

Format: 42 seamless IR , Two long connects

The quiz was quite entertaining with 4 teams doing well fighting it out for the top three spots . JR and BVHK gave some great answers and cracked both themes before everyone else . Suraj and Salil gave some brilliant answers but lost out due to the theme rounds. Ahkil and Apoorva and Salil and Suraj were tied upto the last round but were beaten as they didn't get the theme. Last years winners ,Suvajit and Sayak didn't seem to be on top form and missed a few easy ones. They did make a big comeback in the last round to just pip Akhil and Apoorva to third place.


Ramanand said...

(Aditya: Thanks for posting the report)

The quiz was pretty nice - but mainly a films quiz, no? with some reservation for metal questions. Began with a beaut of a question that definitely woke me up.

Harish and I thought the themes had a little too undue weightage - and we were very fortunate to get the first theme on the first go. Suraj-Salil and Akhil-Apurva gave great answers, and I believe stats show A-A won the non-theme parts of the quiz. They were excellent.

Overall, had fun. Thumbs down for the very late start, the laptop confusion; Thumbs up for the better clarity on partial points, though please don't give 10 points for simply naming a Tamil original films!

quiz said...

Is it possible for you to post the prelims qs/ans as well as some final dry qs with ans plz?

Ramanand said...

'quiz': will ask the organisers.