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BCQC - September 2008 newsletter

BCQC - September 2008 newsletter

Oblig Question: In 1868, geologist Louis Lartet discovered 5 skeletons in a rock shelter in the Dordogne region of Central France. What was the name of these rock shelters?

It was such a busy September for the BCQC, so we decided it was time we had our own newsletter! This quizzing month was unusually busy because many of us were not only participating in quizzes, but also organising them. But largely, we had fun, and hopefully, our hapless victims will agree as well :-). This newsletter is designed to share some of the recent happenings involving the BCQC, and to give some of the BC expats a chance to catch up, and to provide everyone advance notice on what is coming next.

~~~~Quizzes we organised in September~~~~

1. Sept 18: ACES school quiz: Once again, we were part of the ACES school quiz, now in its 4th edition. Set by the BCQC and admirably conducted by Salil, the quiz was won by St. Mary's School (Boys) in a terrific contest. All the details can be read here.

2. Sept 21: Poona School and Home for the Blind: The most unusual quiz we have done so far, this short quiz was held completely in Marathi for teams consisting of both sighted and visually afflicted members. Conducted by Niranjan Pedanekar. Read this report for details and a few photos.

3. Sept 20: NIT, Surat - Entru Meet Biz Quiz: A business quiz conducted by Suvajit for NIT Surat

4. Sept 26: AIT, Pune - Akriti Internal Quiz: A internal ranking quiz for quizzers of the Army Institute of Technology. Set by Suvajit and Yash along with others, and conducted by Suvajit.

5. Sept 21: School quiz for Rotaract Club event, Srujan: This quiz for schoolkids was set by Meghashyam Shirodkar, who unfortunately could not conduct it due to illness. Yash Marathe, along with Aditya Gadre and Yash Tamaskar, conducted this quiz.

~~~~BC Quizzes~~~~

Despite the heavy organisational loads, we had the usual quota of BC quiz sessions on weekends. We also had an India quiz as part of our Theme League, conducted by Harish. The latest updates on the league can be seen here.

BTW, our sessions are informal and open to all, so if you haven't tasted pleasant outdoor informal quizzing by a river, come by one session.

~~~~Other Quizzes~~~~

Karan and Jaipal of MIT organised a General Quiz "Abhivyakti", a small report of which you can see here on our quiz blog.

~~~~October Quizzes~~~~

The first week of October is choc-a-bloc with quizzes: beginning with PICT, then three quizzes at COEP (including the annual highlight 'Chakravyuuh'). That same weekend sees the finals of the Durga Puja quiz organised by the local Bengali society.

Also, the next BCQC Open Quizzing Day (delayed from its original schedule in September) will be held on October 12, Sunday. As usual, we have two quizzes:

Morning: A theme quiz on Indian politics, Indian cricket and Hindi Films (by Ramanand) Evening: A general quiz (by Apoorva and Aditya) These quizzes will have prizes co-sponsored by Landmark, Pune. The details will be updated on this page.

~~~~I've started so I'll finish~~~~

* We're trying to put up some of our quizzes in a publicly share-able repository. You'll hear more about it in the coming months. * Our site has an events pane on the right side - please use it to monitor news of quizzes around the corner * We love to hear comments about quizzes, especially those that we do. Use the comments sections on our blog posts to do so * If you want to submit events or ask us something, mail us at "contact"-at-""

We'll see you at the next quiz!

Answer to Oblig Question: Cro-Magnon

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