Thursday, October 02, 2008

Quiz for the Poona School and Home for the Blind

On the 21st of October, the BCQC conducted a quiz for the the Poona School and Home for the Blind as part of their 75th anniversary celebrations. There were two challenges and 'firsts' for us: one, the quiz was to be held in Marathi, and second, some of the participants had little or no ability to see.

Thirty teams (of 3 members each, mostly teachers) took the preliminaries. The quiz was conducted by Niranjan Pedanekar, with the questions set by members of the BCQC. Despite many being first-time quizzers, the participants did very well, making it very hard to separate the six top teams.

The finals were conducted with great elan and enthusiasm by Niranjan. The finals lasted for about an hour, consisting of simple but largely 'workable' questions passed using IR (yes, we didn't desist from using all that!), including an audio round. Here, at times, Niranjan even sang some of the questions, eliciting spontaneous 'once more'-s from the appreciative audience.

Finally, the team of Sanjay, Shamrao, and Damodar won easily (they were the best team on stage, with Mr. Damodar - who is visually handicapped - giving some very good answers). The participants and organisers told us they had immensely enjoyed the programme, which was very novel and interesting to them.

In turn, we would also like to thank the School, particularly Mrs. Nagaraj, for having invited us to do the quiz. It was a very good experience for us as well.


anirudh said...

Good work guys. I hope more such quizzes are conducted.

siddharth said...

Excellent work guys!!!!
Keep it up.