Monday, February 16, 2009

AFMC Shyam Bhatt Memorial quiz 2009

Set and conducted by : Major Anish

Results :
1st: J Ramanand and Aditya Gadre: 130 pts
2nd: Suraj Menon and Yasho Tamaskar : 75 pts
3rd: Akshad + 1 : 70 pts
4th : Gaurav and Avneet : 30 pts
4th : Manas and sayan : 30 pts
6th: YAsh Marathe and Maitreyi Gupta : 25 pts

The quiz started with a mostly factual 26 question elims.
The finals had 60 dry questions and a special round. The questions were good i the sense that most of them had good fundae , but then most of the questions were completely non-workable which led to the thoughts of what could have been.
A large proportion of the questions covered some very good facts .

Cribs :
-There were quite a few peters and sitters.
-The quiz started very late and went on for a long time. Better organisation definitely called for.

Do post your opinions in the comments section.


Yash Marathe said...

George Best... Aarrrghhh...

Ramanand said...

You may find it comforting to know that I asked Harish the very same question today and he hesitantly filled in the blank as "Best is Best".

Clearly this question makes the sports quizzers choke in ways the 90s Proteas would be proud of :-)

Gaurav Parab said...

Right Ramanand.

We were a bit disappointed with the delay in getting things started as well. Could have been better, especially since it was AFMC.

Overall, liked the simple format. 60 questions with one round reversal.

Yash Marathe said...

One more crib:
I felt the quiz was too Ent heavy for my liking, especially considering that it followed one Ent quiz at SLS. The final round was a bit hard and most of the songs fell into more or less the same genre.

SURAJ said...

george is best!!!!!!!!! i agree with yash it was a bit ent heavy and very lil variety the last round was too heavily music based and a bit wtf on the format......

SURAJ said...

oh the late start had less to do with afmc's organisational skills and more to do with dada's page 3 status...and his im coming, im not vacillating.... for want of a better word

Ramanand said...

Finals were much better esp. in comparison to the insipid elims. A few questions from the 'classics'. the last round was forgettable though. All in all, a reasonable salvage.