Monday, February 16, 2009

Jigyasa - General quiz at Symbhav 2009

Set by : J Ramanand and Suraj Menon

Conducted by : Suraj Menon

1st: Yash MArathe and Yasho Tamaskar : 100 pts
2nd: Suvajit Chakraborty and Aditya Gadre: 95 pts
3rd: Subhodeep Jash and Srideep: 50 pts
4th : Maitreyi Gupta and Rohit Khaladkar : 35 pts
5th : Yash Sinha and Amit Dandekar : 30 pts
6th: Karan Chawla and Saransh Verma: 20 pts

The quiz started with an excellent 30 question elims. Great workable questions. One minor crib with the elims were the slightly tougher a.k.a. Quizzer friendly questions due to which there was a low cut-off which in turn led to a mass exodus and the quiz had more or less no audience.

The finals consisted of 56 questions seamles IR , one long connect and a theme .Some brilliant questions there too. Great range of subjects covered.
It was a tough fight till the end . The Yash's clinched it when they cracked the theme and we didn't .
Suraj added some entertainment value to the quiz with his impressions of certain QMs and cries of "Jai Ramanand " whenever any question by JR came up on the screen.

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Arnold said...

What is with the weird "double capitalization" of different parts of YM's name in these reports?

(see also: previous post for example)

Salil said...

Any videos of Suraj's impersonations?

SURAJ said...

i stand by jai ramanand........ and i just dint want sls to feel like they were getting a raw deal in any way...... no videos available unfortunately

Yash Marathe said...

I think he can give an encore for you at the Landmark Quiz.

Amit D said...



Yash Marathe said...


Salil said...

@Amit D: How about starting a secret club to organise Socialist Quizzes where we'll pick a winner by draw of lots? We'll also have reservations to include members of all communities, what say :-)

KRW Fan said...

This is entirely unrelated to the topic. But since this is one of the very few blogs that discuss quizzing (as opposed to asking questions), I am trying it here.

With infinite bounds, the anticlockwise (ACW) rounds always start with the last team. That is, if there are 6 teams, the first question in the ACW is directed to the 6th team. This is done independent of what happened in the last question of the clockwise round - which team got the first shot at that question and which team answered it is considered irrelevant.

Most quizzers would agree that getting a direct question is a minor advantage. So is asking first question of the ACW to the last team the fairest way of doing it, or should it also take into consideration who received/answered the previous question ?

My intution says it should be the latter but I don't know any maths and logic to prove it either way. All I could do was to consider the case where every question was answered on the direct, and here asking the the first ACW to the last team is the fairest option.

KRWF said...

Is it infinite bounds or bounce ? I am never quite sure

Anonymous said...

The starting point for ACW round does not matter, what really matters is the lighting in the audi.

Ramanand said...

Anon: indeed, the lighting is paramount. All else be damned.

KRWF: Some call it infinite bounce/bounds, though we in Pune call it infinite rebounds (IR). Reasons lost in the mists of time.

As for your qn, I think IR tries to ensure number of attempts across a quiz is as same as possible. I don't agree that the direct is a minor adv - though it could be psychologically so - consider that in some qns, as the qn passes, possible answers get eliminated, making it easier as it passes, and in some others, thanks to "forward biasing" (search on this blog for more info), it might make things harder.

Assuming team C answered the last qn before the round reversal:
In earlier versions, the 1st qn anti-clockwise would go to B (which gets another attempt very soon), so D to F go behind in # of attempts; so people also tried giving it to D and back to C - but C gets more attempts.

So if you start the round at the F, you are more likely to keep the # of attempts the same than the others - hence the reasoning. Plus it saves on the usual quizzing cribs.

If keeping attempts uniform is

Ramanand said...

(to complete the comment):
If keeping attempts uniform is the end-goal, starting with F is more likely to be closer to that goal, I think.

Yash Marathe said...

Another (albeit minor) point to ensure fair quizzes: The total number of direct questions (i.e. excluding long connects and special rounds) in the quiz should be divisible by the number of teams. This means that in the unlikely scenario that each question is answered on the direct, or no question is answered at all, the number of attempts remains the same.

Yash S said...

I personally liked the impersonations better ... and I was glad to finally be in a quiz at Symbi where I could identify stuff and wasn't shooting in the dark

BTW considering there were 4 bengalis and 3 yash's in the quiz, I stastically should have won the quiz :P

SURAJ said...

now it is evident why i say Jai Ramanand.... and im rather hoping Amit D does not succeed in his dastardly plan!!!!!!!! i manage to piggy back on these guys and place in a quiz once in a while!!!!!!!!!

Yash S said...

Maybe instead we can formulate a plan whereby they get 1/3rd points so that other quizzers have a fairer chance

Yash Marathe said...

Quizzing handicaps, eh??

How about introducing pars for questions, and put in sand traps and water hazards, and provide each quizzer with his own caddie...?

Anonymous said...

KRWFPQRST--It is actually Shut Up and Bounce