Friday, February 27, 2009

Inquizzition - 8 at Fergusson College

Set by Vivek P., Siddhesh and others from FC Conducted by Vivek P.

1st: Aditya Gadre and Suvajit Chakraborty : 90 pts
2nd: Yasho Tamaskar and Suraj Menon : 70 pts
3rd: Niranjan Pedanekar and Meghashyam Shirodkar: 55 pts
4th: Yash Marathe and Aditya Chandorkar : 40 pts
4th: Salil Bijur and Kaustubh Bhat : 40 pts
6th: Amit Garde + Hareeth Sridhar : 25 pts

-Elims were good.Mostly workable questions
-Finals had good questions
-QM conducted quiz in a very assured manner.
-Effort was obviously honest . NO deliberate peters.
-Some really nice fundaes covered.
-Good organisation.

-Some of the elims questions could have been framed much better .
-The finals were biased towards us 'pop culture' quizzers and other , much better quizzers missed out because of this.
- The last theme round was made a lot more complicated than it actually was and caused much confusion.


Yash Marathe said...

Some more cribs:
-The connects weren't always workable, some seemed to be over-convoluted.
-Quiz text contained Wikipedia hyperlinks.
-Elims were too hard for newbie quizzers.

As for the pop culture friendly nature of the quiz, I think it's entirely up to the quiz-setters.

Nihar said...

thanks for the review..we were all eagerly waiting for it!

@yash: true, we agree with you. we were running on an extremely tight time schedule so some things like the hyperlinks got left out.
as for the connects, i feel they were pretty straightforward and vivek has set longer and more complicated connects before..and people have solved them.

Ramanand said...

Speaking as a non-participant:

* Started reasonably on time (a big improvement on previous editions!)
* I thought the range of most topics were relatively unexplored and original, so were interesting to me. Hardly any of the qns were repeats, so it gave no special adv to the experienced teams - a good thing.
* Yes, the connects were overcooked, but that has happened to many a good quiz - so lots of caution is advised.
* Some qns could have been better framed
* Having a quiz during a lunch time is always a bad idea - it could have been done on either side of the break.

Overall, I found it to be a pleasant improvement over the last Inquizzition.