Saturday, May 02, 2009

Abhimanyu 2009

Abhimanyu is the annual intra-COEP solo quizzing event. This year's edition featured seven finalists, was conducted by last year's winner Abhishek Nagaraj, with contributions from BC quizzers.

This year's edition was held on 29 March. Seven finalists qualified through a written elims set by Abhishek, consisting of questions under 6 sets of subjects. In the finals, each qualifier attempted 15 questions on a chosen topic of interest. A common GK round followed, once again, with a set of subjects, of which the least scoring one was discarded.

The Standings (participant, topic, topic setter)

Winner: Aniket Khasgiwale - Sherlock Holmes - Ramanand
Runner-Up: Aditya Gadre - Led Zeppelin - Siddharth Dani

Other Finalists:
Kaustubh Bhat - Wimbledon post 1980s - Anand Sivashankar
Nischay - Combat Planes - Kunal Sawardekar
Aditya Bhedasgaonkar - Scrubs - Gaurav Sabnis
Yasho Tamaskar - Batman - Sudarshan Purohit
(Mohit Karve, the 7th participant, was unable to attend the finals)

With this, Aniket becomes the first person to win this intra-COEP event twice.

(Compared to previous edition, this one was well-organised and tried to address many of the problems from previous years, so pats on back for Abhishek)

List of winners
2001 - Rahul Srinivas - Asterix comics
2002 - Sumeet Kulkarni - Formula-One
2003 - Siddharth Natarajan - Archie comics
2005 - Akshay Palve - The Mahabharata
2006 - Gaurav Singh - The Harry Potter series
2007 - Aniket Khasgiwale - World Cup Cricket
2008 - Abhishek Nagaraj - XKCD Comics
2009 - Aniket Khasgiwale - Sherlock Holmes
(I don't quite remember if the event did not happpen in 2004 - it probably was related to that bad day Chakravyuuh had that year)


Anonymous said...

Great Work will be great if anyone make nay arrangements for d PPT of d qz.....

Can anyone mail me d qtns of d quiz to

Just mail it to me i will make arrangements 4 slideshare....


Kunal Sawardekar said...

Uh, I didn't do the Led Zep set, that was probably Kunal T.

Ramanand said...

Rithwik - will try to arrange to send the elims - all that I seem to have.

KS: yup, my mistake. It was Dani.

Aditya said...

My third consecutive second place finish . sheh :(