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BCQC – March and April 2009 newsletter

Obligatory question: In a list of his favourite Holmes short stories, Arthur Conan Doyle had The Dancing Men at #3, and the Red-Headed League at #2. Which story, from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, did he rate as his best?


The most recent BCQC Open Quiz Day was held in April and consisted of a Western Entertainment quiz by Aditya Gadre and a General quiz by Meghashyam Shirodkar and Aniket Khasgiwale.

The previous week, Aniket had a successful outing at COEP's solo quiz Abhimanyu by becoming the first COEPian to win the title twice. A similar mark was achieved by Yash Marathe who triumphed for the 2nd year in becoming the BCQC's College Quizzer of the Year.

This was also the season of high-profile business quizzing in Pune: the college version of Tata Crucible was won by the SCMHRD pair of Gaurav & Amneet, while Savoir Faire of Goa once again triumphed at the local Brand Equity round. They will participate in the finals to be held on 10th May in Mumbai.

The Landmark Quiz show hit Mumbai for the first ever time, on Maharashtra Day. A couple of teams with Pune affiliations successfully made it to the top 8 beating over 150 teams to the finals.

As ever, there were several BC sessions on weekends: some by visiting BC alumni, some involving new formats. Never been to a BC session before? There's a session this Sunday afternoon at the COEP (directions).

Upcoming Quizzes

* The next BCQC Open Quiz day will be held on the 17th of May, featuring two general quizzes. The details will be announced in a couple of days. As usual, there are lots of prizes: each finalist wins a prize, as do the best college/school/newbie teams.

* India's biggest solo quiz 'Mahaquizzer' will be held on the 24th in several centres, including Pune. Here are all the details for participants in Pune. Do register early! This time, the BCQC will be sponsoring additional prizes for school & college students.

* Tata Motors are organising their annual open general quiz this Saturday: the details can be found here.

Answer to Obligatory Question: The Speckled Band

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