Saturday, May 02, 2009

Brand Equity 2009 - Pune round

Date: 25 Apr, 2009
Conducted by: Derek O'Brien
Venue: Ampitheatre, Ishanya , Pune

1st: Savoir Faire (E): Rajiv & Harsh
2nd: Cognizant Tech. Solutions (A): Harish & Ramanand
3rd: Kotak (B): Ashit + Samrat
4th: ZS Associates (F): Prasanna & Mihir

5th: QEDbaton (D): Nikhil & Tejas
6th: Mahindra (C): Sanjay & Amol
Savoir Faire once again prevailed in a seemingly tight Brand Equity regional round held in Pune. About 30 teams took part, a far cry from previous years when the R-word was a distant galaxy away. The little venue only underscored the current economic climate, but surprisingly turned out to be a compact little place with enough atmosphere for a quiz.

The questions themselves were of the usual BEQ nature: some rank sitters (being asked identify to identify films such as HAHK based merely on a song being played), some strange, hard-to-verify ones ("what does taxod(o?)us mean?") and some good questions ("fans of which brand are associated with the term BrickCon"). The prize-to-question-quality ratio is reminiscent of the economic values of the IPL. This blogger was attending a BEQ event after 4 years and sees that except for the questions becoming even more general in nature, not much had changed.

On the positive side, the quiz master was restrained in his humour and even excellent in repartee and audience-engagement. The "fight against blindness" theme was well-received and made a welcome change from the frivolity of past BEQs.

The national final play out next Sunday at Bombay.

Questions & Answers from the quiz are available at this blog post.


akhilbasha said...

Just want to point out that Prasanna and Mihir actually came 4th

- Akhil

Ramanand said...

thanks akhil: I knew I had goofed somewhere, but couldn't tell - was waiting for someone to correct me!

Nikhil said...

just switch the teams who came 3rd and 6th..i'm pretty sure about Samrat and Ashit (Kotak bank) coming third..