Friday, April 16, 2010

Abhimanyu 2010

Nischay Mhatre, a third year student of IT at COEP, became the latest winner of Abhimanyu, COEP's intra-college solo quizzing champion. The quiz was organised by last year's winner (and only double champion so far) Aniket Khasgiwale. After a preliminary (written) round, 6 finalists were shortlisted. The finals were conducted in two parts: a common 15 question general round (again, written), followed by a Mastermind-style specialities round. Nischay's topic was The History of Computing.

The details as follows:

Winner: Nischay Mhatre - The History of Computing - 16.5 (9.5 gen + 7 in specialisation) - topic setters: Abhishek Nagaraj & Siddharth Dani
2nd: Gaurav Keskar - The Harry Potter Series of Books - 15 (3+12) - set by Meghashyam
3rd: Aadinath Harihar - The Hindi Film Music of A.R. Rahman - 14 (5+9) - set by Ramanand

Other finalists:
Mohit Karve (The Big Bang Theory TV series, set by Nikhil Kundargi), Gautam Akiwate (Free Software Movement, set by Abhishek), and Vishal Yadav (Indian Politics after Independence, set by Gaurav Sabnis).

List of winners so far
2001 - Rahul Srinivas - Asterix Comics
2002 - Sumeet Kulkarni - Formula-One
2003 - Siddharth Natarajan - Archie Comics
2005 - Akshay Palve - The Mahabharata
2006 - Gaurav Singh - The Harry Potter series
2007 - Aniket Khasgiwale - World Cup Cricket
2008 - Abhishek Nagaraj - XKCD Comics
2009 - Aniket Khasgiwale - Sherlock Holmes
2010 - Nischay Mhatre - The History of Computing

(Thanks to Suvajit for inputs on scores)

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