Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Srujan 2010 - Quiz at TATA Motors

Set by : Aditya Gadre and Gaurav Singh Conducted by : Gaurav Singh
1st place: Suraj Menon and Vinay N : 85 pts
2nd place: Aniket Khasgiwale and Suvojit Chakraborty: 80 pts
3rd place: Meghashyam Shirodkar and J Ramanand : 75 pts 4th place : Salil and Venkat : 70 pts 5ht place: Kunal Sawardekar (solo) : 65 pts 6th place : PUMBA : 0 pts
The quiz started on a grim note as the MCQ pattern of the quiz was not appreciated by everyone. Further, there were some discrepencies in some questions. The audio-visual round was well appreciated. Yasho Tamaskar and Yash Marathe narrowly missed a final birth. The only non-BCQC team in the final was a team from PUMBA. The finals were well recieved. There were problems regarding uniformity of distribution of the questions. Some difficult questions were followed by relatively easier ones. Considering the audience and the setting, some of the questions were diluted to make them easier. Overall though, the competition was good, with a close call between the first five places . In the end Suraj defended his crown. Report by Gaurav Singh


Rajeev Galgali said...

i would tell personally quiz was good but certain questions in the prelims were pathetic and the pattern of questions was not good at all!!!!!1but the finals had some really good question.........

Aditya said...

Just to clarify: I had nothing to do with the elims :)
I don't think Singh did either

gaurav said...

@Aditya and Rajeev: I hereby declare that I had nothing to do with the elims! The MCQs were the work of one Shubham Agarwal, whose only quizzing experience was watching KBC on television.