Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quiztronomy 2010

Date: Saturday, 10th April.
Venue: College of Engineering, Pune.

Set by :Aadinath Harihar, Mohit Karve, Aditya Gadre, Nishchay Mhatre,Kaustubh Bhat and Gautam Akiwate

Conducred by Aadinath Harihar and Mohit Karve

Final Standings

1st : Omkar Bedarkar & Swapnil Bokade - 70 points
2nd : Anirudh Bapat & Abhsihek Oswal- 70 points
3rd : Mihir Rege & Vikram Keskar- 60 points
4th : Rohan Danait & Sanket Bhilare- 55 points
5th : Yash Sinha & Rohan Jain- 40 points
6th : Omkar Moghe & Rohan Ghige- 25 points

Best School Team: Santosh Ranawane & Prabhat Sarode
Best College Team: Suraj Dhiwar & Sanket Sen

The COEP Astronomy Club and the BCQC had organised the second edition of Quiztronomy on Saturday, 10th April. The number of teams were less in number, since most schools had their vacations going on. However, there was a good response from college teams all over Pune as well as a few junior college students.

The elims were fairly straightforward, with most of the questions being of a flavour such that even the general quizzers could get a good score. Hardly 3-4 questions were based on hard-core Astronomy. The cut-off was 12 questions on 25.

The finals was a very close affair right from the start. The finalists were of a good caliber and they managed to come up with some amazing answers. A lot of the finalists even explained the Astronomy concepts involved in the questions, which made the quiz a lot more fun. Even the Quizmasters did the same, thus making sure that they kept the audience involved. This year there were a lot more hard-core Astronomy questions as compared to last year, thus making it more of a true Astronomy quiz. There was also a final double long connect which was cracked by most of the teams and a few members of the audience as well.

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Freedom said...

Excellent contest, though I could not make up at the contest after registration, feels sorry for that, but nice to see enthusiasm towards astronomy ...

Keep it up !!!