Monday, February 20, 2012

General B.C.Joshi Memorial Quiz 2012 - Results

Partial Results based on hearsay

Date: 18 Feb, 2011
Venue: Army Institute of Technology, Pune
Set and conducted by: Meghashyam Shirodkar
Theme: General

Quiz Final Results

1st: Suraj Menon + Avaneendra Bhargav
2nd: Shubhankar Gokhale + Abhinav Dasgupta
3rd: Srinath + Kunal S
4th: Anand Sivashankar + Anannya Deb
5th: Ranajeet Soman + Rohan Jain
6th: Vikram Joshi + Harish Kumar


Looking for the rest of the details. Crowdsourcing this.


Kunal said...

2nd place: Shubhankar Gokhale + Abhinav Dasgupta
3rd place: Srinath + Kunal S
5th place: A team from MIT (the members' names sadly excape me), also winners of best college team.

Salil said...

Has AIT stopped conducting Owl in the Bowl?

Avaneendra said...

5th Place: Rohan Jain and Ranajeet Soman.
@Salil have not seen in last 2 years.

Ramanand said...

Thanks Kunal. Updated.

Yash Marathe said...

2 in 2 for Suraj, congratulations!