Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Events at Landmark, Pune for children

Landmark, Pune is organising two events for children as part of its Summer Carnival programme. The content for the events is by Nexus Consulting. Ramanand is hosting the events on their behalf. Details:

27 Apr (3-5 pm) at the SGS Mall store - Tintin Treasure Hunt - ages 9-12 yrs - teams of 3 (if you don't have a team, don't worry - we can find a team for you). The Treasure Hunt is not a quiz, but a game in which the children will have to hunt for answers within Tintin comics (which will be provided by the store). Seats for the Tintin Treasure Hunt may be limited, based on space and other constraints. At least 10 teams will be formed.

28 Apr (3-5 pm) at the Phoenix Market City store - Geography Genius (a quiz) - ages 12-15 - teams of 2

You can get in touch with the stores to know more, or leave a comment. Do pass on the message to interested kids.

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