Monday, May 06, 2013

BC Cup 2013 - Announcement

This is the BCQC's annual solo, open quiz to crown the Best Sports Quizzer. This is the fifth edition. ( Reports for 200920102011 and 2012 editions). 

First, a 30 question elim determines 8 qualifiers (or as Quarter finalists). These 8 people take part in a 60 question quarter final. The top four go through to the semi final. The semi-final will consist of 36 questions with scoring reset to zero. This is to keep the 'winning three consecutive matches' concept constant from last year's edition. The top two then go to the final. 
The finalists will then face off one-on one for a 28 question final. The match consists of a home leg and an away leg. Home leg essentially means you get direct questions. If one gets a direct question wrong which the opponent answers, it counts as an away goal and is used for tie breakers (as per UEFA rules ).
So that's a total of 154 questions + tie breakers.


QMs: Yash Marathe, Aniket Khasgiwale and Aditya Gadre
Theme: Sports
Teams: Individual
Restrictions: (or the lack of one) Open quiz. Everyone is welcome
When? 1 pm, Sunday, 19th May, 2013
Where? The Boat Club, College of Engineering Pune
Registration: Free online registration. 
You can register here. Please register before 18th May.
This is required as we need to get elim sheets printed. On the spot registration is not impossible (but not recommended either). 

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